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Crowdfunding Clave de Sur

Crowdfunding Clave de Sur

This year has been very difficult and painful for many of us. But slowly we are recovering and getting back to things that benefit us, as music and the music school Clave de Sur where we can share and enjoy it together, do. Despite the loss of our school coordinator, we regrouped, and we are planning a new beginning, whilst the pandemic keeps us worried.

In September we reopened our doors to new students, implementing a hygiene concept. Due to the lack of teachers, who we usually consist of foreign volunteers, we could only offer a limited number of lessons. Nevertheless, we managed to complete the trimester culminating with Christmas concerts. It is now, that we realize the great necessity of a steady local team, supporting us and covering the demand of music


For the first time Clave de Sur has launched a campaign to collect funds. Until now we have always relied on little to no money and were thus dependent on the help of foreign volunteers to cover the music lessons and to attend most of the people coming to Clave de Sur. This campaign is furthermore an opportunity for us to receive a more direct and continuous support for our activities.

Concerning Clave de Sur we find ourselves in a process of simultaneous rebirth and growth. We face the challenges brought upon us by these desperate times. At a time like this, when we need strength, we don’t want to silence our notes and harmonies. It is the music that has helped many of us to overcome the last 15 years.

If you have stuck with us until this point of the article, you must have some sympathy for us. Help us to share the link to the campaign on social media and with all your contacts. The more people we reach and the more donations we get, the better! 🙂

The Clave de Sur team organized a concert in gratitude and diffusion for the campaign carried out by Musiker ohne Grenzen Guayaquil, this day themes that are well known by our dear volunteers were presented, to share even from afar a little of the heat of Guasmo ( literally) ?, you can enjoy this concert live on our YouTube channel. Thanks for staying with us! ?


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